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Experience for yourself why women claim they receive more compliments on Nightingale Spirit French Vanilla Perfume Oil than on any other fragrance they have worn!!

Vanilla Perfume

Welcome To Nightingale Spirit Natural Beauty Products

The Home of the Best Vanilla Perfume!

Spread the love…and the glorious scent of Nightingale Spirit!!!
We offer a complete line of natural beauty and skin care products that are designed to wear independently or layered for a deeper, richer experience.

All of our wonderful, hand-crafted products are scented with Nightingale Spirit Perfume Oil. A Sophisticated French Vanilla blended with the essential oils of Anise, Lavender and Peppermint and combined with Smoky Ambergris and Sweet Patchouli creates a perfectly balanced, splendid fragrance that is described as fresh, clean and gentle.

Nightingale Spirit Perfume Oil is a French Vanilla based perfume oil with a light, clean, fresh fragrance. Next up is our best selling Whipped Cream, fragranced with our French Vanilla based oil, is a wonderful emollient moisturizing cream used for rough, dry skin or as a facial night cream.

The Silky Body Lotion, scented with our French Vanilla based perfume oil, is a soothing, hydrating, paraben-free lotion.

The lightly Vanilla scented body wash called Bath and Shower Gel is perfect for gently starting your day or winding down.

Our Talcum-free body powder is made with Arrowroot and Cornstarch laced with our signature fragrance, Nightingale Spirit, a French Vanilla based perfume oil.

The exfolliating Body Polishing Sugar Scrub is a multi use scrub designed to exfolliate, moisturize and scent the skin.

The scent of  along with the other delightful fragrances that compose Nightingale Spirit soothes the soul, removes toxins and releases tension.


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Nightingale Spirit consist of 7 skin care and beauty products that are handcrafted with the finest ingrediants and are all homemade.

My signature product is what I consider the best Vanilla based perfume on the planet! That is a bold statement but after 12 years and litteraly hundreds of testimonials from my customers I do believe I have the best vanilla perfume made today!

I guarantee all my products and you never have to worry about  if you are not happy. This has Rarely ever happened in 12 years and I believe once you try my products you will become a lifelong customer like so many others have.

Below you will see an pictures of each of my products! Simply click on them to go to a longer description of them, and make sure you check out all the testimonials on our testimonial page.

Nightgale Spirt Top Products French Vanilla Perfume Oil and Whipped Cream Emollient Mosturizing Cream

Vanilla Based Perfume Oil

Best Vanilla Perfume oil

Emollient Moisturzing Cream

vanilla based emollient mosturizing cream


Flat Rate
SHIPPING and Maine State Tax

All Shipping in the Unitied States is a Flat Rate Shipping Costs of $6.95

The State of Maine Requires Us To Collect State Tax of 5.5%


Nightingale Spirit guarentees every product and every order. Your Satisfaction is backed by our 100% No questions ask policy. In 12 Years we have had 1 return!


You will have a full 30 days to test and try our products. If for any reason you are not happy you may simply notify us of your displeasure and we will promptly refund your purchase minus the cost of shipping!


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